DSFF PowerPoint Presentation:
PowerPoint version 2007


     This DSFF PowerPoint presentation is copyrighted to Mark Maloney / Epluribusunum56.com.  You are welcome to use or distribute this material in any way you wish, as long as you present it in its entirety, and do not associate its use or reveal this material, in any manner, shape, or form, directly or indirectly, that derives financial profit.  You may not add, change, or omit any portion of this presentation. 



     This Slide presentation introduces an entirely new physics and cosmological science called "Dimensional Symmetry Field Formations" - DSFF.  It is an illustrated and animated step-by-step mechanical map of the formational structures composing every aspect of the physical and material universe.  This presentation is divided into two primary parts: Part one, Foundational mechanics; and Part two, Formational mechanics.  With five sub-parts: Nucleonic one; Nucleonic two; Nucleonic three; Nucleonic four; and Trimostaticcores Molecules.  

     This PowerPoint presentation was initially designed to accompany a sixty-five hour lecture program, but has been modified to function as a standalone presentation.  However, the modifications are limited, and you will probably have a few questions along the way.  You can either post or email your questions, or attend weekly online interactive video conferencing sessions, where you can directly ask questions and discuss DSFF. 

You have two choices in how to view the DSFF presentation:  1 - You can, download the presentation as a native .pptx file, and view it on your computer using the 'PowerPoint viewer'; or 2-attend a narrated video conference presentation.  It would be very practical if you both downloaded the presentation for viewing and attended the video conferencing presentation.

If you do not have PowerPoint, you can download a free 'PowerPoint viewer' from the Microsoft website, and then open the presentation.  Note: if using the free 'PowerPoint viewer,' download the 'PowerPoint viewer' first before downloading the PowerPoint files.

     This website is interactive to provide as much tactile support as possible in learning this new science, but you have to do the cognitive work of learning it.  The integrity of knowledge is directly proportional to the integrity of effort.  Superficial overviews produce hollow knowledge...  In other words, you get out of knowledge acquisition what you put into it.

Good luck, and enjoy the endeavors of discovery and learning.


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