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My name is Mark Maloney:  I am sixty-three years old. I was happily married for thirty-four years, but my wife died April 23, 2015; I am a widower for the second time in my life.  I have two dogs and an office cat named "Mr. Bob."  I spend my life at a desk studying the world from the inside out. 

I am a unique individual:  Everything about my life is entirely different from how normal people live.  Primarily, I am a total recluse; it is not that I do not like people, I like people very much, it is that I do not have time to interact with them, there are never enough hours in a day to do all that I want to do; this web page and posting on websites is my only real communication with the outside world.  

For the last forty years, I have basically lived in my home-office surrounded by computers and access to any data I need or want.  What most people would find difficult to understand or believe, is that I have sat at this desk for more than 150,000 hours, on average spending 14-hour days, seven days a week, for the last three decades.  By any definition, I am an extreme workaholic.  I do not work for anyone, and I do not receive income for what I do; I do my work solely for the benefit of humanity.  All work and no play, makes Mark smarter in so many ways... but my wife said it makes me boring.

I have no formal education;  I have high functioning autism (moderate vocabulary dyslexia,) and minor asperger's.  At the age of twenty-three, I taught myself to read and write.  I have since spent my life studying the collective sciences of humanity; for lack of a better word, I am a citizen scientist.  I focused particularly on cosmological physics.  I would put my educational equivalence at quad-scholar.

Work:  I have worked for the State of Washington for thirty-one years as a care provider for my wife, (though we are not actually married; being together for the last thirty-four years, in our book constituted marriage; after all, she took my money and made me take out the trash, which seems like a wife to me.  She said I grumble just like a husband.) I am now unemployed due to my wife's death.

What I love most about life, besides working, is the imagination of other people.  No matter how you look at it, humanity is ingenious.  Our civilization was built from 'sticks and stones' dug out of the wilderness and formed into cities that send spacecraft to other planets.  The imagination of humanity is an incredible journey into the potential of human possibilities.  Watching humanism is a wonderful experience.

What I dislike most about life, is that children suffer; men war and die; governments misrepresent; and social indifference. 

What I think humanity needs most is, morals, reverence, compassion for others; and, a teacher to help guide us through the next few steps of our technological evolution without harming ourselves. 

My favorite songs are:  Zager & Evans - In the year 2525.  Gerry and the Pacemakers - Ferry cross the mersey.  Suzy Bogguss - Someday soon.  Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world.  Tito & Tarantula - After dark.  Jefferson airplane - White rabbit.  George Strait - Amarillo by morning.  Foreigner - Starrider.  David Bowie - Space oddity.  Roy Orbison - In dreams.

Recommended YouTube channels:
The Last American Vagabond:
The Corbettreport:   

My favorite television viewing is:  All news channels;  Documentaries;  Science channels;  History;  Technology;  And, Educational channels.  Movies:  Five people you met in heaven;  A-I;  Bicentennial man; and Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

My goal in life is to make life better for everyone and our children yet-born.

I am honest and have never committed a crime in life.

My hobbies are:  Solo camping, guitar, and playing in my workshop.

Military service:  I served in both the National Guard and U.S. Army, from 1972 to 1974.  I was stationed in Germany.  I was honorably discharge; but with a non-reenlistment code, they found out I was illiterate.  One of the interesting stories of my life is that I was a company clerk on a 'Nuclear Defense Base' (ADA 2/56 ;) yes that is right, a company clerk, that was totally illiterate.  Illiterate people learn to cover up their illiteracy...  I was quite smart about it.  The military was not amused.

The most important person in my life was my wife of thirty-four years, who was the love and light of my soul.  My wife was both blind and crippled.   She was very smart.  She spent her life consoling and counseling her friends. She has read thousands of recorded books.  In spite of her severe disabilities, everyone saw her as a bright well-rounded - very happy person; people often came to her for advice.  She made great coffee too...

My most prized possessions, are 14 Japanese-glass-balls I found along the ocean shore on a six-week solo camp trip.  They range in size from approximately 2" to 14", and two spindles as I call them.  Treasures from the sea, it was exciting and my fondest camping memory.  I actually found so many balls over the weeks, that I put some back for a group of elderly campers to find the next morning.  They found all but one; I guess that one was a gift for others unknown. 

Religious beliefs: None, I am a humanitarian and atheist.  

Regrets: My first wife threw me out and disappeared.  I spent twenty years searching for her and our daughter in Korea; her last words to me were, she was going back to Seoul.  Twenty years later, I found my wife's death certificate online; she had committed suicide in 1981, just a few hundred miles from were I was living.  I hired an army to find my daughter, only to find that she had been illegally adopted without my knowledge or consent.   Regrettably, my daughter wants nothing to do with me, and has been very cryptic the few times I talked to her by phone and letters.  It is a tear in my heart that will never go away.

Nasty habits: I am an ex-smoker having smoked for forty-eight years, drink too much coffee, and on rare occasions drink alcohol.

I think I am a very lucky person.  I had a wonderful wife.  I get to spend my life learning and deciphering things.  I have amazing computers, and a wonderful office to work and live in, not to mention the rest of my home which is an oasis in-of-itself.  I have everything I ever wanted.  Now I have one thing left to do in life; to help the world any way that I can before I die.  "To give back more to the world - than that which I used," "to honor man, God, or nature, by that which I am,"and," to leave the world a better place that I have lived."  When I die, I will never know that I have lived, but the children yet born will... they will not know of my life by name, but by the stability of the ground they stand upon.  It is to them I dedicate my life's work.

Unfortunate reality, I am slowly dying of heart, lung, and intestinal disease, which I called "Desk disease."  You do not get to sit at a desk for as long as I have without paying a price.  Nonetheless, it is okay, I have lived a wonderful life.  Who knows, maybe I will live and work another ten or twenty years... ...it is Nature's call.

A personal note:

A long time ago, I came across a group of words that I have never forgotten.  They were written on a business card tape to a receptionist desk.  I immediately identified with the words; but did not have time to copy them.  After repeatedly thinking about those words for many days, I went back to that office and asked if I could copy the words.  I put those words on my desk, and for the last thirty years they have been the heart and inspiration of my endeavors.  In 2009, I changed them a bit, changing the words from “I” to “we and us”, because that is how I see the world.

When I decided to add the words to my website, I for the first time researched who wrote them.  I was amazed to find so many people who felt the words as deeply as I did; and as well, there were a number of variations that were equally interesting.  These are good words to teach our children.

They are:

I shall pass through this life but once
Any good, Therefore, that I do
Or any kindness I can show to any
Fellow creature
Let me do it now
Let me not defer or neglect it
For I shall not pass this way again.

Written by: Etienne de Grellet du Mabillier / Stephen Grellet 1773-1855

I slightly modified these words to represent us all;

We shall pass through this life but once
Any good, Therefore that we do
Or any kindness we can show to any
Fellow creature
Let us do it now
Let us not defer or neglect it
For we shall not pass this way again.

Written by Etienne de Grellier du Mabillier 1773-1855 / and unofficially slightly modified (i.e. replacing “I” with “we” and “us”,) by Mark Maloney 2009

I am including some photos of a couple of my camp trips, my office, my yard, my artwork, and aspects of my life, to give you a bit more perspective of the world I live in.  Each picture will have a short story attached to it.


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