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          There are 101 intelligence questions to examine your knowledge of the life you live in.  The answers to these questions will make you smarter all-around - for the remainder of your life.  Most of these questions will require research to answer.  Each 'question title' can be copied and pasted into a 'search engine' and ultimately answered.  These are all question that you really should know the answers to. 


  1. Who invented, and how old is the number "1"?
  2. What is the population of the world?
  3. What is the population of America?
  4. What is the seventh vowel of the English alphabet; A, E, I, O, U, and  sometimes Y, are six vowels, what is the seventh legal vowel?
  5. What is the cube root of 27?
  6. What is the diameter of Earth?
  7. What is the velocity of light?
  8. What is their more of, than anything else? (Be careful with this question, it is quite tricky.)
  9. In what year did the first man step-foot on the moon?
  10. How many organs does the human body have?
  11. How many bones does the human body have?
  12. What is the main gas that makes up our atmosphere?
  13. What country started the war of 1812; sometimes referred to as the second war of independents?
  14. Who is Rosa Parks?
  15. How many languages are used in the world today?
  16. What is the equatorial velocity of the Earth spinning on its axis?
  17. What is the average velocity of the Earth around the sun?
  18. What has five equal points, and eight equal lines?
  19. What do gravity and buoyancy have in common?
  20. Who is the biggest space agency in the world? (Be careful with this question, it is quite tricky.)
  21. How many hours are in a year?
  22. What is the tallest mountain on Earth?
  23. What is the lowest point/depth on Earth?
  24. What is the speed of sound?
  25. How fast (mph) does the average human walk?
  26. Worldwide, on average, how many babies are born a second?
  27. Worldwide, on average, how many people die a second?
  28. How many countries are there in the world?
  29. Throughout the world, is it true that there are more than 250-million  websites?
  30. What is the largest landmass on Earth?
  31. What is the largest body of water on Earth?
  32. In America, is it true that one percent of the population has ninety-five percent of the wealth?
  33. How many teeth does the average human adult have?
  34. Who are the Hensil girls?
  35. Who is Kim peek?
  36. How does a computer/silicon chip work?
  37. On average, how far away is the moon from Earth?
  38. How many oceans does the Earth have? (Be careful with this question, it is quite tricky.)
  39. How fast does the moon rotate on its axis?
  40. Does the moon cause Earth to have precession?
  41. How many islands are there? (Be careful with this question, it is quite tricky.)
  42. What is the average age a baby begins to walk on its own?
  43. How many people are incarcerated in America?
  44. How many words does the English language have?
  45. How high does life sustaining breathable air go? (Be careful with this question, it is quite tricky.)
  46. What is another name for molecular oxygen?
  47. How many species of animals exist on the Earth today? (Be careful with this question, it is quite tricky.)
  48. How many pages does the American tax code contain?
  49. What is the average daily pay for an American national news anchor (CNN, Fox, CNCNBC, ABC, and CBS,)?
  50. Does an apple weigh the same outside our galaxy as it does on Earth?
  51. On Earth, which is there more of, water or air? (Be careful with this question, it is quite tricky.)
  52. What came first, the chicken or the egg?
  53. How many religions exist in the world today?
  54. What is the cube root of pie-solved?
  55. Does a magnetic field have mass?
  56. In evolutionary terms, how much older is life in the ocean, than life on land?
  57. On average, how far is the Earth from the sun?
  58. Is it true that there is a giant hexagon on the surface of Saturn?
  59. Approximately, how many applied-hours (class, study, and thesis's,) does it take to earn a PhD?
  60. Which weighs more in terms of unit volume, a magnetic field, or electromagnetic energy?
  61. Can a perfect sphere be made out of smaller perfect spheres?
  62. In total, how many manmade satellites orbit the Earth?
  63. How long is a human thought? (Be careful with this question, it is quite tricky.)
  64. How many perfect closed symmetry shapes, can be made out of twelve points and twelve lines?
  65. Can mathematics be as subjective as words?
  66. Which was invented first, the car or the plane? (Be careful with this question, it is quite tricky.)
  67. How many people in the world live in object poverty?
  68. How many inches per year does the average human fingernail grow?
  69. How many inches per year does the average human scalp hair grow?
  70. How many words does the average American adult speak per minute?
  71. Who invented/discovered the wheel?
  72. What is the biggest manmade object on Earth?
  73. In America, how many people commit suicide per year?
  74. Globally, what is the most common cause of human death?
  75. How much does Earth weigh? (Be careful with this question, it is quite tricky.)
  76. How many high tides does the Pacific Ocean have per day?
  77. Are sixteen atoms of Hydrogen heavier than one atom of oxygen?
  78. Is it true that the volume of one pound of water - is larger in Ecuador, than Seattle?
  79. Globally, how many human abortions occur per year?
  80. How many mph can the average human adult run?
  81. Who is more responsible for environmental human adaptation, male or female?
  82. How many genes types makeup the human DNA?
  83. How many federal laws does America have?
  84. How many congressmen does America have?
  85. What is passive slavery?
  86. What are the primary colors?
  87. What percentage of Americans has a college degree?
  88. Who burnt down James Madison's White House?
  89. How many Americans died in the civil war?
  90. How many Americans died in World-War-Two?
  91. How many people in total died because of World-War-Two? (You will be shocked.)
  92. How much blood does the average American human male body have?
  93. How much blood can you lose before you die?
  94. How much money per day does a U.S. Senator have to raise for reelection?
  95. What single English word has the most definitions?
  96. In the last one-hundred years, how much has the Pacific Ocean fish population declined?
  97. What is the most mined mineral on Earth?
  98. Are silver and gold primary colors?
  99. In a lifetime, what substance does the human body consume more of than anything else?
  100. Are the vast majority of children's cartoons violent?
  101. Which did humanity invent first, the "0" (zero,) or the "1" (one)?          

          In America, one out of two-hundred-million people will know the answers to all these questions without having to look them up.  The majority of people, out of memory, will know 20% or less of the answers to these questions.  These are all wisdom questions.  You are not born with wisdom - that you learn and earn in life...


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