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          To post, you must enter into the "Posting board" by clicking on its tab located at the bottom of the synopsis - in the navigation bars.  When you enter for the first time, you will be asked for your name and email address, and to create a password.  You will receive an email that contains a verification line that you click; once clicked, it activates your registration, then you can post.  Study the 'bulletin board' layout to familiarize yourself with its different functions.  Everything you need to post text, pictures, and video, are there for your use.  The "Home" button, located at the top of the posting forum, will take you back to the home page of

(The Registration process is designed to keep spammers, porners, and advertising, out of the forum.)

          You are encouraged to challenge, question, correct, suggest, or state your opinions on any of the eight page topics.  Each topic will start with a brief synopsis (between 1000 and 4000 words;) you may respond to that, or respond to posts written by other members.  Your post must be relevant to the subject, and as factually based as you can make it.  "Just because" or "I believe" is not a factual bases.  Belief always come from somewhere, refer to that somewhere to decipher why you believe what you do; and then try to use it towards constructing your reply.  You often learn a great deal in reviewing your reasoning's for a particular belief.  A few hours, days, or weeks, of researching and thinking now, will make you smarter for the remainder of your life.  Knowledge is armor, the more knowledge you have - the more armor you wear in the journey of life.  Please be as technically detailed as you can in explaining your response. 

          Before you post, carefully read the topic synopsis or a members reply; you may have to read it several times to absorb all the data that it may contain.  Then think about what it is saying, research and scrutinize it, find conceptual errors if they exist.  You may be able to add additional data or make associations to other concepts and expand its applicability.  Once you have formulated clear thoughts, then it is time to consider posting a reply.

Write your opinions, comments, or questions in a word processor, so you can take the time to properly state the nature of your reply.  The better you write/construct your wording, sentence structure, logic, and evidence, the more people will understand your thinking and be better able to respond.  As a rule, you usually get back from a post what you initially put into it.

          Please keep your post under 1500-words.  If you use illustrations, pictures, or other visual data to accompany your post, attach them using the attach "picture" or "file" buttons at the bottom of the posting page.  If you feel additional data is required to make your point, divide your post into sections; please do not post more than three sections regarding a particular issue.  You may post as many times as you like, but you cannot post a book.

Once you have completed your post in a word processor, paste it into the writing box of the posting form.  Choose the topic to post to; located at the top of the posting forum.  You will be asked for your name, email address, and your password to complete the posting process.  Click "Submit Message" and your post will be immediately listed. 

          Bear in mind, whatever you write/post is a permanent record in the Internet cloud.  Only post what you would be comfortable letting your Mother read.  Even if you or I remove the post, it will still have a record somewhere, and be retrievable by enterprising companies selling personal data.  Even things you put on the Internet many years ago, still exists somewhere in the Internet cloud.  A future job employer may do a background check and find your earlier posts, Instant messages, or chat logs.

     **You may not "advertise" or "solicit money" on this website.

     **I will remove any post that is not relevant to the topic or contains profanity.  I also retain to right to block any offender's access to this website, if egregious or repeated misbehavior warrants it.

     **You may copy text from the synopsis, or other peoples post, and paste them into your word processor for reference only; but remember, each post is the intellectual property (copyright©) of those who wrote them.  You may not republish any part of 'another person's post' outside this forum without their written permission to do so.

     **All email contacts may/will be posted in the "Correspondence" page.


         This website also has a “Video Conferencing Platform” where you can have live face to face discussions of any of the eight synopses topics. 

          "Click here for 'Video Conferencing Platform' instructions."


          This website is designed to facilitate the growth of knowledge. Knowledge not challenged and tested... is really not knowledge at all.

          You are welcome to invite others to visit this website.  Two minds are greater than one; three minds are greater than two; and many minds can decipher and build anything.  It was the collective minds of humanity that built and filled the halls of Alexandria.  The Internet is the new Alexandria --- see what happens when minds get together and think; we figure out how to build mountains so high, we see new horizons.

     A question never asked is worth nothing,
     An answer never given is worth even less...

     What are your opinions, comments, or questions?


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