Download DSFF PowerPoint presentation

This PowerPoint presentation is in two primary parts: Part one, which is the foundational mechanics; and part two, which is the formational mechanics. There are also five additional sub-parts: Nucleonic one; Nucleonic two; Nucleonic three; Nucleonic four; and Trimostaticcores Molecules.  In total, there are 1,017 slides.

If you do not have PowerPoint (2007 or better) software to view these files, you will need to download the 'Free PowerPoint Viewer,' before downloading the native .pptx file.

After clicking on one of the seven files, it will take you to MediaFire, which is a business file sharing service; free from cookies, viruses, advertisements, or pre-download requirements.  Simply click and save the file where you want to save it, and then the download will begin.

Once you have downloaded the PowerPoint file, click the file to open it.  Because the PowerPoint file is so large for a PowerPoint presentation, it may take your computer from ten seconds to five minutes to open, depending on how fast your computer is; once open, it will function flawlessly.


      Primary files:


        DSFF Proto-space part one / 328 slides - 3.39MB - in pptx format


        DSFF Proto-space part two / 309 slides - 7.28MB - in pptx format


       Secondary files:


Nucleonic one / 47 slides - 1.6MB - in pptx format

Nucleonic two / 85 slides - 2.4MB - in pptx format

Nucleonic three / 87 slides - 3.82MB - in pptx format

Nucleonic four / 84 slides - 4MB - in pptx format

Trimostaticcores Molecules / 77 slides - 3.5MB - in pptx format


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