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This is an invitation only symposium.  Those invited will receive an email notice of date and time of a pending meeting, along with a 'login-password' to enter that conference.  If you would like a specific topic considered for a conference, you may submit an email request to to request a video conference.  At least four people must participate to form a potential discussion group before a meeting will be considered for scheduling.

This video conferencing platform provides "real time face-to-face live video" interaction between the participants.  You can present any presentation materials that support your discussion, such as, PowerPoint, illustrations, documents, or contents on your computer screen, with all the participants, while having simultaneous full interactive discussion with them.  Video conferencing is almost the same as everyone being in the room together having a group discussion.


                         Instructions for use:


To participate in a 'Video Conference Meeting,' you must provide your name, email address, and verifiable phone number, to receive an invitation.

There is no software to download and no forms to fill out.  To enter a meeting, you simply click the "address line" in your email invitation, or click the "enter line" in the video conferencing platform page.  Then enter your name and the password; and click "connect," which will take you into the meeting platform.

This video conference platform is easy to understand and use.  You should enter fifteen minutes before the start of a meeting so you can adjust your webcam/video-camera, sound, and familiarize yourself with the different functions of the platform.

Invitations will be sent one to two weeks prior to the meeting date; however, an immediate meeting can be arranged if circumstances merit it.  If you do not have access to a computer, you can call a "toll free number" and enter into the meeting via phone.

  **You must conduct yourself with the upmost professional behavior.  Failure to do so may result in immediate termination from the meeting, and possibly being 'permanently banned' from future video conferencing.

  **Your conversation and presentation materials must stay within the discussion topic.  Any materials that you plan to use to support your position, must first be approved (via email) by Mark Maloney, in advance of any video meeting.

  **You may not record or make any copies of any part of any 'Video Conferencing Meeting'.  All meetings and video records created in any 'Video Conferencing Platform' are solely the property of this website/Mark Maloney.  Participants give up any and all rights to any materials presented in the 'Video Conferencing Platform.'

  **If you would like to access video archives of past meetings, for use 'outside' of this website, you must first have the expressed written permission of Mark Maloney, and those whom participated in the meeting.  However, video conferencing records can be used within the "Posting Board" of this website as part of your discussion without permission of the attending participants; but you must request those records, "subject to approval and guidelines designated by Mark Maloney," to access and use them.

                What you will need to use the video conferencing platform:

1) A modern high-speed computer.  (1Ghz Intel or AMD processor or better.)
2) A high-speed Broadband Internet connection.
3) A video device such as a webcam or video camera with microphone headset.
4) At least 300MB's of ram, and at least a 512MB video card; the more the better.
5) A large monitor (20" or larger/second monitor,) to clearly view all participants     and presentation materials.

This video conferencing platform is compatible with most operating systems.

      .......The Video Conferencing service is provided by


   "Click here to learn how to use the video platform as a guest (guest guide.)"

                                                                                No password required


      "Click here to enter the video conferencing platform."  Login password required

                     "Click here to go to video archives."  Login password required


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